the great outdoors

these two tracks were inspired by free parties, always loved outdoor raving far more than clubbing, mix of people, music, ages and the vibe was always more vivid for the most part. also some of the spots that were chosen, would be absolutely stunning when the sun came up, sitting around in the morning chatting, smoking and chilling with strangers and friends alike.

on the prowl

Ode to a magpie

I was inspired to write these by something I consider to be a mistake on my part, it all started one day when I was on my way home, when I reached the downstairs front door to my place I was greeted by a magpie. I thought it was strange, seemed very friendly, usually magpies although cheeky keep a healthy distance, but here I was looking them, they looked back at me, this seemed to go on for a few minutes, but was most likely a handful of seconds.

It looked like it did a little dance, I had made friends so I thought, then I noticed it didn’t have any tail feathers and although plucky was a bit worse for wear, should I take it upstairs with me I asked myself, but then anxiety gripped me like a hungry mouse gripping some fine chedder. Memories of past bird rescues that went the shape of a pear flooded into my consciousness, I don’t want to wake up and find it lifeless on my balcony, not again, I apologised and made my way upstairs.

This magpie was on my mind the rest of the evening and into the early hours, finally I drifted off, but even my dreams vibrated to the sounds of magpies rattles. I rolled out of bed, groggy, eyes full of sleep, with a tender head and a slight feeling of guilt that I couldn’t shake, got ready and went about my day. Whilst going down stairs my thoughts once again turned to this magpie so I wondered, will it still be there when I go out of the front door, on my way out I looked down to where they’d been the day before and was horrified by the sight that greeted me, feathers, black, white and green feathers everywhere.

So I dedicated both these musical pieces to the magpie that reminded me to trust my intuition and the cat, forever sassy, independent and ultimately dangerous to injured birds and certain small animals. Together they played their part in the completion of the circle of life and gave me a lot to think about.

Something a bit more chilled…….

Been slacking updating my wordpress, just uploaded two new tracks to bandcamp, first is a track i loved a bit too much and didn’t get round to finishing until recently.

A little rough round the edges, which i find adds a bit of texture or flavor to a track, unless its just down to my incompetence, which i admit at times it is, but not this time, fingers crossed.

Next track I was experimenting with new tools and updates, few frustrations with the workflow as im still finding the groove, but happy with the results and finding it refreshing getting away from my normal routine.

When i travel with my camera, which is a small and discreet ipad, I’ve gotten over how big and unwieldy it is by telling myself these things, i usually take a lot of pictures of the sun and sky.

I have a thing for clouds and have spent quite a bit of time watching and taking their likeness, which was in my minds eye while experimenting.