music for the 24th of may

following on from my last post is some music made for this momentous of days, first up is change of heart.



then onto a helping of unity resonance, which can be had for free if you put 0 in the name your price box, happy 24th.



celebration of one of many peaks in the ninth wave

the ninth wave of the mayan calendar system being of the highest frequency of all the waves, can bring about in individuals sensitive to these sorts of changes a strong sense of unity, awareness and spiritual growth. what attracts me to this outside of being a cautious optimistic is the relationship between music, mind and spirituality, with things like different frequencies through time encouraging changes in states of mind and spiritual awareness.


also find things like the schumann resonance of the earth fascinating, which drew from very ancient knowledge specifically thinking about the om frequency here. the way we and life in general on big blue are tuned to its frequency and the slight changes in this, cause changes in our brain waves.


measuring different brain waves in cycles per second or the hz scale and the way earth resonance usually falls between an alpha and theta brain frequency states, a range associated with relaxation, meditation, imagination, sleep and on the boarder of the conscious and subconscious. our planet resonates in a frequency range that chills us out and encourages insight and creativity.


the reason i don’t close myself off to the knowledge of ancient peoples and minimize the hubris of the west (focus on the good stuff), is seeing signs all around me of things larger at play then our fragile ego’s and the way everything is connected, one of the main lessons that stayed with me from experiencing psychedelics.


24th of may is one of the many peaks of the ninth wave which started in 2011, with a wave cycle lasting 36 days, next one falling on 29th of june, this is said to be a time of positive momentum with the troughs in the cycle being a time for reflection and fine tuning for the momentum of the next wave, which for me is very similar to sine waves.


this might all seem like a sort of placebo effect, with me clutching my crystals tight saying i want to believe repeatedly, which brings me to another lesson learned with the help of psychedelics, the fear, or fear of the fear which can make you spiral in a way that is similar to being strapped to the front of a roller coaster on a fast decent into painful past experiences and all the visual images you were conditioned to associate with evil and fear becoming all too real, aka a bad trip.


yet when you have a little more experience with psychedelics and awareness starts to dawn about how powerful your state of mind is in shaping what you see and experience, bad trips can be turned around by altering your focus and thoughts. personally focusing on nature, stars and thoughts about the universe can help give my mind something satisfying and infinite to chew on, especially helpful if you find yourself in a shared bad trip with friends.


so in closing happy 24th day of may stardate 2017.